James Corck is an illustrator, graphic designer, and cinephile, that one day decided to watch My Little Pony. Since then, he hasn’t stopped drawing tiny horsies. He is the moderator of the blog, ‘Ask Movie Slate’, has worked on conventions like BronyScot, and is ilustrator for the intro cards for ‘After the fact’, by Silver Quill.



Director of the Spanish dub and additionally a voice actress. She is the voice of Cadence, Zecora, Photo Finish, Applebloom, Aplebloom’s songs, Applejack’s songs, Granny Smith, Lighting Dust, Daring Do, Gloriosa Daisy, and several other characters. Although we cannot bring her phisically because she has personal business, you will be able to talk to her, and ask her whatever you want via videoconference.